Getting To Know Astrid Ferguson. Life Of a Mompreneur, Wife, Poet, Author Based in Philly, PA Area.

What’s good in the life of our host Astrid Ferguson. Getting to know what our host has been up to as a mother, wife, poet, and author. She talks about her journey after publishing Molt, rolling out her next book The Serpents Rattle Dec 3, 2018, and admitting to simply not knowing what she’s doing. She is still learning how to navigate through the never ending tasks of being an indie author. She provides self-published authors a few tips that she has learned along the way.

Astrid Ferguson

Also an Instagram page has been created @imcwd.podcast so make sure to give it a follow. Astrid can be found on Instagram under @astrid_ferg website twitter @ferg_astrid and Facebook Astrid Ferguson – Afergtale

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