Interview with Lyn Patterson and author Dr. Tanya Manning-Yarde of Every Watering Word.

Lyn Patterson a guest on the show is a teacher, avid reader and soon to be author. She joined the show to help announce a new Poetry Book Club founded by her and Astrid called CAN WE DISCUSS POETRY. Follow on IG @canwediscusspoetry• Dr. Tanya Manning-Yarde our second guest on the show guided both Lyn and Astrid through her journey from a professor with many accolades to a freelance writer, blogger and now indie author of Every Watering Word. She shares some personal stories about her boys being both gifted and autistic and how they shape her writing.• Live Poetry Reading by Dr. Tanya • Follow Dr. Tanya on Instagram @every_watering_word_author and find her book on Amazon. Book club can be found on Instagram @canwediscusspoetry and good reads.

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